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Sarah Hull is an artist inspired by the inconceivable scale and imperceptible mechanisms of the universe, striving to create installations that provoke consideration of the invisible workings on which our existence depends. 

A fascination with the underlying physical laws of the universe is important in driving conversations about the reality most of us don’t contemplate. It is easy to become grounded in the microscopic detail of everyday life and lose perspective. Sarah believes that awareness of the wider universe would unite humanity. 

Sarah creates large-scale installations in spaces without points of reference. Creating environments with no reference to the outside world, Sarah removes context and the distractions and reminders of everyday life. With the use of light and physical materials such as wood and Perspex, Sarah creates forms which exceed the limitations of their materials. Using code Sarah controls the movement of components allowing viewer interaction and further visual control. 

Sarah lives and works in London and graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Art and Science.

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